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Agriculture, Landscape Management Programme

At lower altitudes and in the foothills, there exists a relatively large area of land included in the agricultural land fund. Here farming, if environmentally acceptable, forms another essential component of caring for non-forested landscapes and ecosystems in Krkonoše. In the latter half of the last century, this part was largely affected by heavy agricultural production and excessive livestock grazing on the land of state farms and cooperatives.

The 1990s brought about a great change in the agricultural sector, with such enterprises disintegrating and dissolving and successive entities starting to form. As this generally led to a decline in livestock numbers and many grassland areas remained fallow, the Ministry of Agriculture began to extend earmarked subsidies aimed at landscape maintenance, to be followed later by the Landscape Management Programme launched by the Ministry of Environment. This has contributed to solving nature protection issues throughout the park and its buffer zone. Its advantage is the possibility of supporting specific measures that are a priority for the national park. KRNAP Administration provides the necessary assistance to all those interested in the scheme, through which gradual recovery of sensitive care for the agricultural land in the mountains is possible.

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