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Forest management plan (FMP)

A mandatory forestry document, typically drafted for a period of 10 years, the latest version for the national park and its buffer zone (both managed by KRNAP Administration) is that covering the 2003–2012 period. The party that drew these up, authorised by KRNAP, was Lesprojekt Hradec Kralove s.r.o., with the process occurring in close liaison with KRNAP's staff. The document describes its concept in detail, taking into account all the specifics of legislation stipulated by the Krkonoše Mountains National Park, in addition to design principles for managing flora and fauna in the forest, and respects the major geological and geomorphological peculiarities of the mountain range.

Based on a detailed assessment of forest stands and habitats, it states principles and specific forestry activities intended to create conditions for promoting natural processes and restoring ecological relationships distorted in the past.

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