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Game keeping

Game is a natural component of forest ecosystems, and caring for it is part and parcel of managing the forest properly. In the Krkonoše Mountains National Park, this task falls to KRNAP Administration, which aims to create an optimal balance between the game and the natural capacity of the environment, while ensuring the optimum age and social structure of such game. The result is minimal damage by game to forest stands and other vegetation in the forest and beyond. In terms of damage to the forest cover, the red deer is one of crucial importance to the park, and their numbers are routinely monitored, and the results of this census dictate any reduction measures necessary. Damage occurs mainly in the summer, but virtually disappears in winter due to a system of small-size wintering preserves where the animals are intensely provided with additional food. In recent years, over 90 % of the deer have been accommodated in this manner. Moreover, many places are experiencing problems with over-populations of wild boar (Sus scrofa).

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