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Krkonoše – man and nature

project no.: EHP-CZ02-OV-1-055-01-2014

Project description:

The Krkonoše National Park (sometimes referred to as KRNAP) is the oldest national park in the Czech Republic and is also among the most exposed tourism areas. During just one year, several millions of tourists will visit a relatively small area, which also brings a few negative effects on the environment. The area is valuable in terms of biodiversity and for this reason it is under the protection of the Krkonoše National Park Administration.
Performance of this function is a rather thankless job, since a lot of people understand this institution as limiting their rights. The aim of our project is to remind locals, tourists as well as the public in general why Krkonoše are so valuable. Environment protection is often misunderstood – the set limits are not meant to harm anyone but rather protect the rare and unique natural treasures.

Through this project, new publications and promotional materials will be issued and a wide campaign will be launched focused on the unique arctic-alpine tundra of Krkonoše. Besides the promotion of the national park, another aim is to remind why protected areas exist and the outputs of the project will serve for environmental education, training and edification.

The promotion of KRNAP is one of a long-term aims of the client and this project is rooted in the basic strategic documents on protection of nature. It also plans activities in terms of the care that KRNAP requires.
Activities of the project are connected to other projects which are already in motion and are financed by the EU, The Swiss-Czech cooperation and national programs.

Project realization:

Press Release: Krkonoše navštívila norská velvyslankyně (doc 221 kB)

We are currently working on publications that arise in the project. We create clips Treasures of the Krkonoše Mountains, The Tundra of the Krkonoš Mountains and animated clips. There was an advertising campaign Krkonoše - the Tundra in the Heart of Europe, that was highly appreciated by specialists. The final report of the campaign can be found at the link below. There is still ongoing digitization of the Krkonoše museums items and programming of content of the touchable kiosks.

Conference Krkonoše – Tundra v srdci Evropy was held at Richtrové Boudy at the weekend 24.–25. 10. 2015. More information on the http://www.krnap.cz/krkonose-tundra-v-srdci-evropy/. Photo gallery can be found here

Krkonošské muzeum in Vrchlabí – Catalogue of exhibits


  • František Kaván – krkonošské motivy (pdf 3,4 MB)


  • Tundrové samolepky část 1 (pdf 1,3 MB)
  • Tundrové samolepky část 2 (pdf 228 kB)
  • Tetovací samolepky (pdf 230 kB)
  • Kartičky (pdf 2,3 MB)


  • Krkonoše - tundra v srdci Evropy (20 MB)
  • Historie krkonošských bud (pdf 11,8 MB)
  • Atlas krkonošských mechorostů, lišejníků a hub 2 (pdf 19,6 MB)
  • Atlas krkonošských mechorostů, lišejníků a hub 1 (pdf 17 MB)
  • Poklady Krkonošského muzea 2 (pdf 11,8 MB)
  • Poklady Krkonošského muzea 1 (pdf 14,3 MB)
  • Krkonoše cestou necestou (pdf 20 MB)
  • Krakonošův herbář (pdf 88 MB)
  • Fotografové Krkonoš (pdf 22 MB)
  • Krkonoše na ortofotomapách (pdf 27 MB)
  • Grauparova mapa velkostatku Jilemnice (pdf 12,3 MB)


  • Krkonošské komiksy (pdf 11,7 MB)
  • Můj park – hrátky pro předškoláky (pdf 14 MB)
  • KRTEK – Krkonošské centrum environmentálního vzdělávání (pdf 8,2 MB)
  • Školní diář 2015/2016 (pdf 2,5 MB)
  • Péče o handicapované živočichy (pdf 3 MB)
  • Poklady starých zahrad (pdf 2,8 MB)

Project schedule:

Estimated date of project beginning: 01. 01. 2015
Estimated date of project ending: 30. 06. 2016

The estimated total eligible costs of the project are 15 833 067 CZK. The project is supported by financial resources of the EEA funds in the total amount of 12 666 453 CZK.

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (http://www.eeagrants.cz/)
Programme CZ02 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services / Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning Control / Adaptation to Climate Change

Krkonoše – man and nature

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