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Krkonoše Special Area of Conservation

Once results were analysed following the mapping of plant communities and selected species of plants and animals, the entire territory of the national park and its buffer zone was also proposed as a special area of conservation. This was achieved through Decree of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 132/2005 Coll., dated 22 December 2004. In addition to a map delineating the boundaries of this conservation area, the document provides a list of all habitats and species that benefit from protection – a total of 21 types of natural sites, i.e. habitats, four species of plants and one species of animal. Of these, plants of especial interest in Europe are the endemic bellflower (Campanula bohemica), Sudetic lousewort (Pedicularis sudetica ssp. sudetica), bedstraw (Galium sudeticum) and dwarf gentian (Gentianella bohemica), whilst the animal listed is the European.

KRNAP Administration has a statutory duty to assess the purpose of any activity that might affect a subject with such protection (i.e. a habitat or species), whether it relates to an SPA or SAC.

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