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Mountain meadows

The mountain cabin smallholding system in place from the 17th to 19th centuries gave rise to the characteristic mosaic of forests and forestless grassland enclaves with herb-rich meadows. These do contribute significantly to the biodiversity of the mountains, but still require routine management. KRNAP Administration has reinforced its efforts to restore management in the mountain meadows, supporting present-day owners and users by restoring routine care, made possible through subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment. This activity had been neglected for various reasons in the past century. It chiefly consists of scything and clearing the mass so harvested, grazing cattle and sheep, removing self-sown woody plants and unwanted nitrophilous vegetation, sensitively altering the water regime, as well as taking care of surface drainage and maintaining rubble walls and dry stone boundaries. The ultimate aim of mountain meadow management is not just to preserve biodiversity and ecological stability, but also the function of such landscaping.

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