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Planting and harvesting activities

In accordance with the long-term strategy outlined in the management plan for the national park, including the buffer zone, and the applicable forest management plan, the park's foresters perform a wide range of activities, their main objective being to support natural processes. These are expected, in the long term, to allow for gradually increasing the area of forest that shall be completely free of any intervention and left only to natural development.

The activities include:

  • responsible renewal of species structure and differentiation of age and spatial structure of forest stands, employing appropriate forms of selection and coppicing farming methods, as well as environmentally friendly technology, and maximally utilising the natural regeneration of woody plants;
  • preserving the genetic resources of Krkonoše's indigenous woody plants, providing the collection and storage of high-quality seeds and planting seedlings of the best genetic quality;
  • appropriate forms of controlling the calamity occurrence of some insect species whilst still respecting the NP status;
  • preventing damage caused by game;
  • protecting watercourses, soil and forest roads.

Logging activities in the woodlands of the national park and buffer zone relate solely to the above forms of care for the park's forests, except for removing woody mass in cases of natural calamities (wind or landslides) when an imminent danger is evident.

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