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The present character of the forest

In terms of forestry law, all woodland areas in the national park are categorised as special purpose forest, thereby ensuring that all non-productive functions take priority over productive functions. From the aspect of natural characteristics, there are currently five categories identified: (1) primary forest; (2) natural forest; (3) semi-natural forest; (4) cultural forest; and (5) non-native forest. The area of primary and natural forests that have been preserved is only very small, 1,790 and 909 ha, respectively. Found chiefly near the Alpine tree line, i.e. the current Zone 1, these forests are entirely left to natural development (non-intervention mode). In semi-natural forests (9,730 ha), forest management is tailored towards maintaining and supporting species diversity and self-regulating natural processes. This is also a long-term goal for the cultural forests (24,000 ha) that are to be transformed over time in species and age composition. The non-native forests (44 ha) will be gradually restored to a form that corresponds to the normal natural circumstances in the mountains.

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