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Tundra here, tundra there – Norway – group I

project no.: EHP-CZ02-BFB-1-072-2017

Project partner: Nasjonalparkstyret for Jotunheimen og Utladalen

Project description:

The research trip adds knowledge of the northern national parks Møysalen nasjonalpark, Rago nasjonalpark, Sjunkhatten nasjonalpark, Junkerdal nasjonalpark and Nasjonalpark Saltfjellet og Svartisen to information about Norwegian national parks. These five national parks complete a mosaic of information obtained from a previous trip to Norway, specifically to the central region, administered by our partner the Jotunheimen National Park in 2015.

Promotional materials will be created and a photographic exhibition will be organised within the terms of the initiative.
a) brochure titled “Seven Wonders of the Giant Mountains” – we present seven phenomena of the highest Czech mountains, which are unique natural wonders.
b) brochure titled “The Giant Mountains at Night” – presents an unusual aspect of the tundra at night, not usually seen by ordinary visitors, because life at night in the highest areas of the mountains is surprisingly not quiet at all.
c) brochure titled “Making Love in Nature” – presents animals from a slightly “sensationalist” viewpoint, even thought this concerns a natural method of reproduction by animals, which is frequently very interesting and unfamiliar to people.
We will follow on to the brochure titled “The Giant Mountains at Night” by publishing a wall calendar for 2018.

Photographs take during the research trips of current and previous projects and initiatives will be used to hold an exhibition on Norwegian National Parks. This will be held at the headquarters of the KRNAP Administration between 15 August and 15 September 2017.

Project realization:


Calender 2018 (pdf 5,4 MB)

Project schedule:

Estimated start date: 1. 7. 2017
Estimated end date: 15. 09. 2017

Overall cost of the project is 1 271 547 Kč.

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