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Tundra here, tundra there – Norway – group II

project no.: EHP-CZ02-BFB-1-073-2017

Project partner: Nasjonalparkstyret for Jotunheimen og Utladalen

Project description:

Research trip
This research trip adds knowledge about the most northerly national parks Møysalen nasjonalpark, Rohkunborri nasjonalpark, Øvre Dividal nasjonalpark, Reisa nasjonalpark, Stabbursdalen nasjonalpark to the information about Norwegian National Parks. These five national parks complete a mosaic of information obtained from previous trips to Norway, specifically the central region administered by our partner the Jotunheimen National Park in 2015. This initiative is also linked to the initiative realised by another group of KRNAP Administration employees, for whom a research trip to other Norwegian National Parks is organised, to take place in August 2017.

Promotional activities
Promotional materials will be created within the terms of the initiative, or more accurately, very successful brochures and books, which originated within the terms of the “The Giant Mountains – Man And Nature” project, supported by EEA Funds in the CZ02 programme, or the “Tundra Here, Tundra There” initiative supported by the Fund for Bilateral Collaboration on a National Level, will be reissued.

“Jewels of the Giant Mountain Tundra” brochure
A brochure focusing on presenting species of plant and animal occurring in the tundra of the Giant Mountains and in Scandinavia. Selected species are under the highest level of protection in Europe. They are frequently unique and only occur in a restricted area in tundra eco-systems.

“The Giant Mountains – Up Hill and Down Dale” book
A picture publication presenting natural and also some historic phenomena, which led to declaration of the national park and are the result of development of the nature of the Giant Mountain nature during the post-glacial period in the complex meaning of the word. i.e. including the impact of human activities, to the general public.

“The Giant Mountain Tundra” book
A narrative photographic publication focusing on presenting the Giant Mountain tundra and simultaneously describing its similarities with the Scandinavian and Iceland tundra.

A set of 100 short film clips, which will show the plants and animals of the Giant Mountain tundra, will be a new element to be created. These clips will be optimised and filmed for the Youtube and FaceBook social networks. Thanks to the high visiting rate of the KRNAP Administration profile, this will have a considerable impact on the target group of the public.

Project schedule:

Estimated start date: 1. 7. 2017
Estimated end date: 15. 9. 2017

Overall cost of the project is 1 312 267 Kč. The project is realized with financial support of the EHP funds.

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