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Tundra here, tundra there – Norway and Iceland – group III

project no.: EHP-CZ02-BFB-1-074-2017

Project partners: Vatnajökull national park, Nasjonalparkstyret for Jotunheimen og Utladalen

Project description:

Research trip – Norway
The research trip adds knowledge of the most northerly national parks of Spitsbergen - Sassen-Bünsow nasjonalpark and Nordre Isfjorden nasjonalpark, to information about Norwegian National Parks. These two arctic national parks complete the mosaic of information obtained during previous trips to Norway, specifically to the central region administered by our partner, the Jotunheimen National Park, in 2015. It also follows on to two initiatives realised by other groups of employees of the KRNAP Administration, for whom a research trip to other Norwegian National Parks is being organised in August 2017.

Research trip – Iceland
This research trip expands the knowledge of employees of the Giant Mountain National Park by comparison of the performed management, nature conservation methods, research activities and interpretation of protected ecosystems in relation to the public and visitors to Iceland. The purpose of this trip is to obtain information on the activities of two national parks, Vatnajökull and Þingvellir. The most exposed tourist sites will also be visited with the goal of obtaining knowledge about the system for regulating the visiting rate in order to preserve the environmental values of the area.

Project schedule:

Estimated start date: 1. 7. 2017
Estimated end date: 15. 9. 2017

Overall cost of the project is 1 155 824 Kč.

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