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Compact specially protected areas within the Krkonoše Mountains

Pursuant to nature and landscape protection law, the national park includes compact specially protected areas (CPA). Listed under the category of natural monuments, all fall under the competence of KRNAP Administration. The localities and reasons for designating and protecting these are as follows:

Slunečná stráň Natural Monument (NM): Conserving a comprehensive block of stands with woody vegetation as well as peat bog meadows with an exceptional and well-preserved diversity of plant communities, and specially protected species of plants transferred to the site as part of conservation efforts.

Lom Strážné Natural Monument: Preserving the well-balanced wealth of the present successive stage of vegetation, including species-rich calcareous, xerotherm and forest flora, with a number of specially protected and endangered plant species found in this habitat that formed latterly within a former quarry.

Herlíkovické štoly Natural Monument: Maintaining the well-preserved condition of historic mining works as a suitable environment for wintering bats and troglophile, i.e. cave-dwelling invertebrates.

Labská soutěska Natural Monument: Preserving the natural shape of the River Elbe bed including the evorsion phenomena found within it, as well as the character of the landscape.
Anenské údolí Natural Monument: Maintaining the viable population of (Crocus albiflorus) and preserving the wetland in the NE part of the protected area as a favourable breeding ground for amphibians.

Sklenářovické údolí Natural Monument: Protecting the block of foothill and mountain meadows and wetlands with its locally exceptional and well-preserved diversity of scattered vegetation and protected and endangered plant communities, as well as plant and animal species. Protection also extends to the well-preserved condition of the local landscape shaped by human activity.

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