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Conferences and workshops

In addition to being an important element of the ethics of scientists' work, promptly communicating their findings also represents a prerequisite for using this data in the field. The most rapid way of going about this is, alongside publishing in specialist journals, giving presentations at national or international workshops and conferences. Consequently, organising conferences on a triennial basis under the title 'Geo-environmental issues of the Krkonoše Mountains' is an undertaking of KRNAP Administration and Dyrekcja KPN (the organisation overseeing the KPN). These events especially highlight the latest in knowledge on nature and the landscape of the territory. These meetings held once every three years do not exist in isolation, but are supplemented with various events that allow experts to share their current findings on Krkonoše. One of particular note is a conference taking place under the name 'Mulberries' (Morušky), which is a platform for cooperation amongst university students and young researchers studying the mountain region.

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