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Contemporary knowledge

Research on the natural systems of Krkonoše is informed by various strands – the latest advancements of natural and social sciences, changes affecting the mountain range via the environmental load from air pollution, and efforts to reconstruct and manage as best as possible all the components of the natural habitat. Indeed, this is chiefly manifest in Opera Corcontica, a collection of science papers relating to the territory that is now published in its 50th annual edition. Opera Corcontica covers the results of present-day research on the mountains in the branches of natural, forestry, agricultural and socio-historical sciences. Most volumes are available to order from the publisher KRNAP Administration. Over on the Polish side of the border a separate publication was launched in 1998. Jointly published by the West Sudeten Natural History Society and Natural Science Museum in Jelenia Gora, it was renamed Przyroda Sudetów in 2004 (formerly Przyroda Sudetów Zachodnich).

Currently, intensive studies are underway by joint Czech and Polish teams on the mountains' arctic-alpine tundra, with scientists collaborating on monitoring, researching and protecting endangered species, both flora and fauna, whilst also examining the effects of long-term changes in the climate and factors such as tourism on the sensitive environment.

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