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Database of research activities in the Krkonoše Mountains

All ongoing research on the Czech and Polish sides of the mountains is coordinated by the managing body of the administration of both national parks. Staff keep records from and employ the latest GIS and GPS technology, whilst also processing, sorting, archiving and updating all the data gathered from inventories, monitoring and research projects. The respective databases provide vital input that assists in formulating major planning and documentation on forest management, conservation and land use (e.g. management plans, forestry plans, etc.).

Furthermore, they contain summaries of studies from the past and present on the territory managed by KRNAP and KPN since the mid-1990s. Each database is searchable for projects by field (group), sub-field, researcher's name, organisation or keyword. The results and papers garnered through such projects are stored at the archive of KRNAP Administration in Vrchlabí, based either at its Conservation Department (contact: Ing. Bc. Irena Hubálková, Ph.D.; email: ihubalkova(at)krnap.cz) or the premises of KPN Administration in Jelenia Góra (contact: Roksana Knapik roksana(at)kpnmab.pl). The storage facility for Czech theses and dissertations is the library of Vrchlabí's Krkonoše Museum (Krkonošské muzeum; contact: Mgr. Lenka Vejnarová; email: lvejnarova(at)krnap.cz).

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