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Fauna of the Krkonose Mts

Cooperating over wildlife conservation in the Czech-Polish Krkonose/Karkonosze Natura 2000 site

Summary of the project

Krkonose Mountains - a mountain range on the Czech-Polish border - hosts valuable mosaic of tundra, forest  and meadow habitats, and unique mixture of arctic/alpine and mountain/lowland species; many of them are Natura 2000 target species and habitat types. Recently, they are affected by a lot of factors, from huge amount of visitors to climate change. To react to these threats effectively, joint knowledge and approach is necessary. Therefore, Czech and Polish Krkonose Mts National Parks, established on both sides of the mountains more than 50 years ago, launched a joined cross-border project to increase knowledge of four key indication/important groups of animals in the whole area (962 km2) in 2012-14.

  • Birds: Actual distribution, population sizes and long-term trends of breeding species were obtained. Now, we know much better where and what species live, what happens with them and where are their favourite habitats.
  • Butterflies and bats: For the first time ever in Krkonose, distribution and relative abundance of species were mapped; bats in all habitats, day butterflies selectively on meadows and grasslands. Now, we know where and what species we have, what are their preferred habitats and specific measures to manage their habitats properly. Butterflies help us to monitor optimal management of Natura 2000 mountain meadows.
  • Red deer: Data on space distribution and cross-border migration were obtained. Now, we have a comprehensive picture about migration of deer in the area, their places of concentration and how to manage them to reduce damage in forests.

Cross-border cooperation significantly contributed to joint effort of both the Czech and Polish Krkonose NPs in more efficient species conservation and habitat types management.


Final results of the project, incl. management recommendations where it was important, were published in four bilingual (Czech-Polish) books with extensive English/German summaries, devoted to birds (http://ptacikrkonos.krnap.cz/files/PTACI-KRKONOS.pdf),
day butterflies (http://webserv.krnap.cz/data/atlas_motylu_krkonos.pdf),
bats (http://webserv.krnap.cz/data/netopyri_krkonos.pdf) and
red deer (http://webserv.krnap.cz/data/jeleni_v_krkonosich.pdf).

Special joint website in Czech, Polish and English (http://ptacikrkonos.krnap.cz) was prepared with all important data on present (2012-14) and former distribution (1991-94) of bird species breeding in Krkonose.

The project was supported by the OP Transboundary cooperation Czech Republic - Poland.

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