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Flora, vegetation

The flora of Krkonoše is of the type found in the forest flora region of Central Europe (Hercynicum) as well as, along with the Rýchory portion, the Sudetic flora sub-region (Sudeticum). The flora inherent to the Hercynian mountains is significantly less diverse than that of Alpine and Carpathian regions. Krkonoše, however, constitutes an exception in this regard, due to the territory's important biogeographical location. There have been repeated cases of combined northern, alpine and Central European flora occurrences in Krkonoše. The diversity of plant life is the highest of all the surrounding mountains of Central Europe, featuring a high representation of glacial relicts and endemic species.

The communities of vascular plants in this region contain over 1,200 taxa (424 genera of 105 families), of which approximately two thirds are native to the mountains, with the remainder being alien species. The latter arrived during different stages of colonisation and exploitation of the mountain range.

As for bryoflora, this now accounts for 500 species of bryophytes (150 species of mosses and 350 liverworts), alongside 250 species of lichen and over 1000 species of fungus.
Phytocenology experts have reported 100 plant associations of 20 vegetation classes, 23 vegetation orders and 43 vegetation alliances from the area.

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