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A history of scientific investigation in the Krkonoše Mountains

Looking back to over 400 years ago, personages such as P.A. Mattioli, J. Schiling, D.D. Pareus and C. Schwenckfeldt were at the forefront of exploration of the territory's natural resources. In fact, as long ago as 1786, under the auspices of the Czech Society of Sciences, the first major natural history expedition to the mountains was held; members of the party including geologist Jan Jirásek, botanist Thaddäus Haenke, geographer Tobiáš Gruber and surveyor František Gerstner. This was to be followed by the scientific activities of numerous geologists, climatologists, botanists, zoologists, foresters and historians, all further expanding this bank of knowledge. This period was successfully brought to a close at the cusp of the 1950s and 1960s, by Prof Jan Jeník, who formulated a theory on anemo-orographic systems that forged ahead in explaining the essence of the unique natural diversity of Krkonoše.

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