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Management planning

The diversity of composition in terms of nature and the landscape of the Krkonoše Mountains is reflected in the broad range of activities that KRNAP Administration, as the legal administrator of the area, has to plan, arrange for and evaluate. A management plan has been devised as an aid to achieve this, introduced under Act No. 114/1992 Coll.

Throughout KRNAP's existence, several documents like this have been drawn up, the latest of them entitled Krkonoše National Park and its buffer zone: 2010–2020 management plan. Following consultation with all the municipalities and cities affected, as well as authorities in the regions of Liberec and Hradec Králové, as territories over which the national park extends, as well as discussions by KRNAP Council and eventual agreement by the Ministry of Environment in 2010, the plan was put into action by KRNAP Administration for the respective decade. It includes a description of all goals and measures over the short- and long-term that, once completed, are intended to safeguard rational use of the territory. These respect the entire breadth of natural and culturally historic values pertaining to the country's highest mountain range. Within its pages, the document details, section by section, the management of both wooded and non-forested ecosystems, a relief map of the landscape and information on its character. It comes complete with an introduction on management strategies, details on the zoning of the territory, how each natural component is managed and the functions of the landscape, these in addition to goals relating to monitoring and research. It also specifies the objectives of and plans for activities encompassing public, tourism and cultural use, all of the above including the national park (NP) as well as its buffer zone.

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