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Managing forest ecosystems

Forest covers more than 80 % of the total area of the Krkonoše Mountains and is found, with the exception of the upper alpine areas, in all other vegetation zones, amounting today to about 37,000 ha on the Czech side and 4,000 ha on the Polish side of the mountains. Home to over 60 species of woody plants, the forests' species composition and spatial distribution in the past has been greatly influenced by humans, and by pollution until the end of the last century. Employing all advances in forestry knowledge, the management of Krkonoše's forests today aims to remove the consequences of earlier human intervention and restore normal natural processes, ensuring the permanent existence of forest ecosystems through the minimal actions of mankind.

Changes in the Krkonoše woodlands throughout history

FACE Foundation

The present character of the forest

Planting and harvesting activities

Forest management plan (FMP)

Certification of Krkonoše's forests

Game keeping

Caring for the biodiversity of mountain forest

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