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Monitoring natural circumstances

Conducting inventory surveys for various components of the mountains' natural wealth made way in the 1970s for monitoring the condition and developmental trends of living and non-living components of the natural environment over the long-term. Current records document more than 400 permanent or stationary areas in the Czech section alone where detailed information is collected. Its content, gathered on a periodical or intermittent basis, concerns the climate, quality of air, water and soil, the development of vegetation in wooded and non-forested habitats, the dynamics of animal communities, and so on. A clear overview of the current status and basis for key planning for these activities is available in documentation entitled 'Concept for monitoring and research in the Krkonoše National Park (2010–2020)'.

In addition, this text draws attention to issues of priority, and comprehending these might assist in protecting the mountain range. Therefore, it provides potential researchers with a selection of technical topics, be they students or scientists.

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