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Nature in the Krkonoše Mountains

Krkonoše is home to the highest mountains in the Czech Republic, but that is also true throughout Central Europe to the north of the Alps. This is despite the relatively compact area concerned and the range's low altitude. There is an abundance of variety in the landscape's flora and fauna, far exceeding that of the moderately sized mountains in the surrounding nations of Europe. This is due to Krkonoše's unique geographical location in the middle of Europe, where events in the distant and more recent past took place that shaped the nature and landscape of Central Europe. In fact, the mountains form the northernmost montane border of Central Europe, stretching in length just over 50 o of northern latitude, whilst their slopes protrude above the alpine tree line. Consequently, the Krkonoše Mountains represent a mighty and natural barrier on the perimeter of large open plains in Germany and Poland. They measure approximately 35 km in length, with their main ridges and valleys arranged in a direction from northwest to southeast. This significantly affects all the geographical, climatic and biological features of these European medium-sized mountains and their surroundings. Therefore, Krkonoše Mountains are a truly important area for geobiodiversity in Central Europe.

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