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Science and research in the Krkonoše Mountains

Krkonoše contains mountains of exceptional diversity, and is a place which has witnessed remarkable developmental processes over the years. Discovering these was an exciting experience for the scientific community of Central Europe. For over five centuries the mountains have quite literally been a science workshop for Czech, Silesian and, at a later date, German and Polish universities. For example, just in the past 50 years, since the establishment of both national parks, about six-thousand scientific articles and books have been produced that add even greater breadth to the wealth of pre-existing scientific literature. It would be no exaggeration to say that the mountains of Krkonoše are some of the most explored in Europe. Naturally, intense scientific research is still being conducted in the area. The focus of this is influenced by general progress in science, alongside which logically continues an enduring interest by researchers in the alpine elements of this colossal mountain range.

A history of scientific investigation in the Krkonoše Mountains

Contemporary knowledge

Database of research activities in the Krkonoše Mountains

Monitoring natural circumstances

Conferences and workshops

International cooperation

Conditions of conducting research in KRNAP

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