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Species wealth in selected Krkonoše ecosystems

The altitudinal spanning of four vegetation zones and rugged undulated landscape of the mountains is reflected in the spatially varied representation of forest and non-forest ecosystems. Different types of foothill and mountain forests, meadow communities, wetlands, alpine grasses, communities of larger or smaller shrubs, lichen tundra and a number of other natural and human-influenced types of vegetation all contribute to the high biological diversity present, for which Krkonoše clearly surpasses other mountain ranges of Central Europe.

Broad-leaf & mixed forests

Primary mountain spruce forests

Herb-rich mountain meadows

Aquatic habitats

Underground places

Arcto-alpine tundra of the Krkonoše Mountains

Mountain pine stands and matgrass cover

Northern peat bogs

Lichen tundra

Alpine shrub stands and glacial cirque meadows

Mountain spring areas

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