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Taking care of land relief and landscape character

In addition to wildlife, the management plan for KRNAP and its buffer zone covers inanimate natural systems, which had been unjustly neglected until recently. Much attention is now paid to the specific protection and necessary care concerning distinct forms of land undulation, these including canyon valleys and impressive riverbeds, evorsion shapes in water beds, selected braided rivers, terrain shapes of glacial, cryogenic and nival landforms, mudflows and slope landslides, karst phenomena, historical evidence of anthropogenic forms of undulation and others.
During 2003–2005, a study was conducted entitled Evaluation of the character of landscape for KRNAP and its buffer zone, classifying the territory into natural, semi-natural and cultural landscapes, and detailing landscape units, landscape areas and sites of landscape character and recommending ways to protect valuable locations and cultivate disturbed sites. The study is used especially when deciding on plans for locating new structures, technical facilities, etc., so as to avoid damage to the special qualities of the landscape of the Krkonoše Mountains through construction activities.

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