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The basic characteristics of climatic conditions include air temperature, which, with increasing altitude, declines by about 0.5°C to 1°C per 100 metres. Therefore, Krkonoše's peaks are colder than lower locations in valleys, whilst the latter are in turn colder than those in the foothills. Average annual temperatures range between 0°C and 6°C, with the peak of Sněžka possessing the lowest at 0.2°C, other locations reach 1.9°C (Szrenica), 4.7°C (Špindlerův Mlýn), 4.9°C (Harrachov), 5.8°C (Szklarska Poręba), 5.9°C (Karpacz) and 6.1°C (Žacléř). The warmest weather is in Krkonoše in July, with average temperatures starting at 14°C in the lowest zones and falling to 8.3°C atop Sněžka, whilst the coldest period is January (from -4.5°C at the foot as low as -7.2°C on Sněžka).

When temperatures invert, the higher altitudes are sunny and warm whereas the valleys accumulate cold air, fog and low cloud cover. This typically takes place in this territory, especially in autumn and winter, when it lasts several days but can even draw on for weeks, albeit it rarely.

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