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The current natural conditions of the Krkonoše Mountains

The Krkonoše Mountains are one of the most important areas for geobiodiversity in the Czech Republic. Their unique location amidst Europe's lowlands and hills has lent an unusual undulation to the alpine and northern landscape, as arose during the process of natural development, which in turn encourage an equally diverse realm of plants, animals and communities of both side-by-side.
The existence of arctic-alpine tundra makes the mountains a unique, isolated place of the northern and alpine type in the middle of Europe.



Krkonoše's soil



Altitudinal zones of vegetation in Krkonoše

Flora, vegetation


Species wealth in selected Krkonoše ecosystems

  • Broad-leaf & mixed forests
  • Primary mountain spruce forests
  • Herb-rich mountain meadows
  • Aquatic habitats
  • Underground places
  • Arcto-alpine tundra of the Krkonoše Mountains

Krkonoše as a biogeographical crossroads

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